A part of Mermaid Care’s strategy is to work with dedicated partners within the commercial, clinical and research field of Ventilation Management.


Being close to the market and customers is of outmost importance when promoting and selling ventilation management systems for Mermaid Care.

Mermaid Care’s strategy is to work with dedicated partners for our commercial activities in Europe. Our partners are close to the ICU market and have long relationships with the end-users. They fully support our activities in the marketing/promotion phases when selling our BEACON Caresystem.


Our focus is to expand the clinical use of our products, being backed by creditable publications.

We are collaborating with ICU key opinion leaders and leading clinical institutions in Europe. They are all performing clinical tests or clinical research using our BEACON Caresystem.


Ever since the founding of Mermaid Care, we have had a very strong relationship with the RCare group of Aalborg University in Denmark.

The researchers of the RCare group are devoted to research within Ventilation Management and Decision Support Systems. They have invented most of Mermaid Care’s core technology.

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