In 1999, a group of scientists from Aalborg University and Aalborg University Hospital decided to start research activities, which one day would allow them to build an intelligent ICU ventilation system – a computerized clinical decision support system.

The research approach for providing computerized decision support ranged from: focusing on data, i.e. building statistical models to describe measurements; modeling the physiological and pathophysiological processes; to building systems representing the heuristic reasoning of clinicians, often structured as sets of rules.

Different models were build and validated in the period 1999-2005, and in 2006 Mermaid Care was founded.

Mermaid Care was founded to start the commercialisation process for some of the models invented by the researchers. This led to Mermaid Care’s first product: ALPE.
ALPE isable to measure the lungs ventilation/perfusion mismatch in both spontaneous breathing and mechnically ventilated patients, and was used as a diagnostic tool, to improve the ventilation performance of patients residing in the ICU.

In 2013, all models were build and validated for the intelligent ICU ventilation system, and Mermaid Care decided to start the development of the BEACON Caresystem – an ICU ventilation assist system.
In 2015, the BEACON Caresystem was introduced to the European market.
The BEACON Caresystem is an open-loop ventilator-dependant assist system, which can provide recommendation to the ICU clinician for optimizing the ventilator settings.


Mission and vision


Our mission is to create value for the healthcare market, our employees, and the shareholders of the company by developing, manufacturing, marketing and servicing innovative medical devices for ventilator management in compliance with international standards.


We want to be recognized globally amongst key opinion leaders and commercial partners as the most innovative company providing leading technology, care systems and solutions for optimizing the ventilation management in Intensive Care Unit.


Chief Executive Officer: Jørgen Hansen

Jørgen Hansen’s 20-year career encompasses pioneering efforts in medical devices and executive roles in healthcare corporate development, strategy, fundraising, and general management. His expertise is in imaging, oncology and respiratory care devices. Prior to his current position, Jørgen was Managing Director of Byrum Healthcare, Business Unit Manager Nordic at Philips Healthcare and Managing Director of ADAC Laboratories A/S. He is Chairman of Life Science Innovation North Denmark, a cluster organization for life science firms in northern Denmark. Jørgen’s qualifications include an MBA with specialization in International Management. He joined Mermaid Care in February 2010. Contact Jørgen Hansen

Chief Technical Officer: Claus Lindholt

Claus holds a BSc in Electronic Engineering from Aalborg University. He has a lifetime of experience in business management and project management in areas such as product development (electronics, mechanics and software both in telecommunication and medical devices), technology transfer, patenting, production and testing technology. Claus is also a specialist in the regulatory requirements and standards for medical devices. He has extensive experience with CE-marking and has until now moved four medical devices from concept to certification. Besides the responsibility for R&D, Claus is responsible for order handling and quality management. Claus joined Mermaid Care in April 2006. Contact Claus Lindholt

Board of Directors

Søren Svenningsen, Chairman

CEO SDS Holding A/S

Mette Vagner Johannesen

Managing Director of Investeringsselskabet af 30.04.1992 A/S

Henrik Johnsen

CEO Mermaid Technology A/S

Stephen Rees

Professor of RCare at Aalborg University


Mermaid Care’s employees and research partners have specific and advanced skills and competences in the following areas:

  • Ventilation Management and Pulmonary Diagnostics
  • Clinical Decision Support and Mathematical model building (Pulmonary Gas Exchange, Lung Mechanics, Respiratory Drive, Acid-Base chemistry of blood, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide transport in the lungs and blood, etc.)
  • Fast time-to-market development process (Customer requirement driven V-Model development model with room for iteration, agile methods and rapid prototyping including quality management and design control certified to EN/ISO13485, integrated ISO14971 risk management process and requirement specifications to SW-unit level in compliance with IEC/EN62304 and IEC/EN62366)
  • Business development (BtG and BtB sales management, organisational development, Commercial, Clinical and Research Partnerships and IPR strategy)


Quality management

Mermaid Care applies and maintains a quality management system based on the EN ISO 13485:2003 standard and in compliance with Annex II of the European Medical Device Directive (MDD 93/42/EEC). The EN ISO 13485 standard specifies requirements for a quality management system where an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to provide medical devices and related services that consistently meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements applicable to medical devices and related services. The scope of the EN ISO 13485 certificate is: “Design, development, production and servicing of equipment for measuring gas exchange impairment.”